About Us

Hi, I'm Kylie

I’m a proud Mother of two, Willow and Dusty. My husband and I own a Plastering Business and I’m a qualified Interior Designer.

I’ve always had a love of houses and Interior Design, but it wasn’t until pregnant with my first baby and after building our first home that I decided to pursue my passion.

I studied via the Interior Design Institute in Melbourne and received my diploma in 2015. After having my children and creating their spaces, I fell in love with children’s interior so decided to dedicate my time to that, therefore creating teeny tiny interiors.

Designing specifically for babies, children and teens I've come across so many amazing companies and brands that are unique and unlike anything you would find locally, which in turn has led me to opening this online store.

I'll be stocking some of my favourite brands and I hope that they become some of your favourites as well.


Love Kylie x